How did I reach this point of coding desire? From beginnings in Biology and medicine to coding idealist, this journey follows my path to app creation. Since I am one of those people who continually fall into the trap of overpriced electronic hardware from Apple, my natural choice for app creation was xcode. But what is xcode? I was told I need to learn this skill in my app development company, but I had no clue what it was. As I did more research it got worse, now there were things like swift and sketch, adobe xd, the list went on and on. After watching a couple of tutorial videos I realized it was all a bunch of extra software that wrapped around xcode. So I dove into a course, and if you’re curious its IOS 13 and Swift 5- The Complete IOS Bootcamp on Udemy. It’s been the best so far, after day 1 I’ve successfully learned how to create a static page for an app without any functionality. It starts off slow, and thats good for a clueless person like me. I know things are about become difficult, especially when I get to my first line of code, so stay up to date with me on here and give me the support to keep going, I’ll need it!