Blogging originally started as a way for individuals to express themselves online without the need for a full-on website and license. The user typically wrote about their days in a similar fashion to a diary. The world of web logging has changed over the years, yes we still see a personal touch but much of blogging has transformed to marketing. From advertisement, product placement, and running a home business all together, the potential has only increased and influence grown. Influence is the largest aspect of blogging. Google loves blogs; SEO experts flock to their potential and utilize their power to push traffic for fellow bloggers or other sites. A powerful blog can produce millions of dollars of capital to a business. On business websites, companies will utilize blogs to create up-to-date information for its users. Lastly and what we like most about them is that they’re portable. Any place that has an internet connection can become a blog spot. This is where we see traveling bloggers, a dream of many. Though this market is flooded, it doesn’t mean you can’t make your site fulfill your passions and create a unique niche audience clamoring to your website for the next post. Read our blogs and join our community to post your latest topic.


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APRIL 26TH, 2020

Wes is our main editor for the page, apart from being a business owner, and painter, he is known for his pathed learning, often writing blogs with a story from beginning to end. Reach out to him for expert tips in SEO, website, and app creation.